The is designed to monitor the activity of discussions and news. It saves time for monitoring events and discussions on each of the coins.

On the home page

1. Pie chart is convenient to determine the initial stage of active quoting of coins or to summarize for a selected period of time. There are mention of coins for all sources of monitoring

2. "Top coins by mentions" is the table shows coins with increasing references more than 2 times compared to the previous day, but not less than 10 mentions in the total number

3. "Top coins by upcoming events" is the table which can be sorted by the number of events or by the most recent events of the event calendars

For each coin, a separate page is created that displays a graph of all references for the last 30 days, upcoming and past events, as well as a list of all references with references to sources. From the peculiarities of information on internal pages, it can be noted that information on events has two dates. The first date is the date of occurrence of the event in the calendar, the second date is the date of the event itself